Shanghai Streetstyle #4

Gamle billeder jeg har glemt at poste. Nu kommer de – smukke mennesker:
Old pictures of beautiful people from the streets of Shanghai:


Shanghai Fashion Week – day 6

Pictures from the sixth day of Shanghai Fashion Week.

Pictures from the Tina Couture show by Chinese designer, Tina Fu

Fashionable girls at Fashion Week

Woop woop – Crocs was one of the sponsors at Shanghai Fashion Week and therefore my dream came true: having a picture taken with a huge crocs! ❤ ❤

Shanghai Fashion Week – day 4

Sunday was a really good day at fashion week. After I ”met”/saw Susie Bubble from at the Vera Wang afterparty, I thought I might try and send her an e-mail to see if she was up for attending to some shows at Shanghai Fashion Week. Luckily she replied and she liked to attend, together with her friend, Phil Oh – photographer for, to the Helen Lee show, Sunday evening.So they both came, and it was really a big thing for Shanghai Fashion Week, to get such attention from so famous people in the industry – cool, cool, cool. Both Susie and Phil were really nice and they seemed happy and pleased about everything 🙂 The Helen Lee was really good and so far the best show in my opinion!
All the pictures are taken by me.


Phil Oh and Susie

The Helen Lee show